Sunday, May 24, 2015

Mountaintop Happenings

Our big news for the week is that we got our new rain catchment system completed enough to use. There is more to add to this system, and I will dedicate and entire post to what we have done so far, but in the meantime we are eagerly waiting for rain. 

Another litter of puppies. The week we came home from Arizona our dog went into heat, which is really too bad because it was on the list to get her spayed ASAP. The kids are happy about it though. 

Columbus put windows in the chicken coop he built me a couple of years ago. We hope that if the chickens get more light in the winter we can get them to continue laying enough to keep us in eggs. 

The view from inside the coop :)

Our first fruit, cherries, from the trees we planted our first spring here. So, so,,so exciting!!

Hard at work. 

I cleaned our table and then applied a coat of beeswax finish that we made last year after we did our first honey harvest. 

This is after one coat. I don't see a huge difference, but it's not all the way dry and I think I will add a second coat. 

I started priming the walls in our room so that I can paint them a lighter color, something I've wanted to do for over a year now. 

After I primed them I went to paint them and discovered that the paint was bad from freezing over the winter, so now I have to wait until we go to town again to get more paint. 

His homemade puzzle...he was so proud of himself for figuring it out. 

Flowers from the kids and David. 

I got the tomatoes staked for the twine cage of sorts for support. 
 Tomatoes on the vine :)

Cherry tomatoes for Baby Man, because he can never get enough of them. 

Can any of you confirm if this is comfrey or not? I bought it at a local plant sale labeled as comfrey, but when I looked it up online it didn't look the same as the pictures, so now I'm not so sure if it is really comfrey??

Always busy, always wanting to help :)

We had our first BLT's of the year and curly fries. The kids all thanked me over and over and was a big hit, because it ain't easy to fix a meal that all ten of them absolutely LOVE. 

More homemade Pita chips. This is what is left from a quadruple batch and they didn't even last another 24 hours. Another big hit, I even saw the neighbor boy with a small to-go bag of 

I made a big pan of cinnamon rolls for a neighbors birthday, and he gave one to a local store owner who said that if I made her some she would sell them at her store. So, I ordered some small foil baking pans with clear lids and baked up a few samples for the store owner. We will see what happens. 

I think they came out pretty in their little containers. 

It was a good, industrious week for us. We got a few other projects started, but not finished enough to blog about. Monday we are hosting a neighborhood BBQ and we're all looking forward to that. And then later in the week David, Columbus, Einstein and Dawsy are heading to an auction in Indiana that David is super excited about and has been planning to go to for weeks now. Hopefully that will turn into a nice profitable trip and he will get some new inventory to sell on eBay. 

Have a beautiful Sunday :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


He will turn 20 in just a few weeks and has completed his first year of college with straight A's and as a member of the Honor Society.  Somewhere after the first of the year he announced that he had decided he no longer wanted to complete the electrical maintenance AAS degree and instead wanted his major to be an electrical engineering BS degree. Most of this years credits will not transfer from the community college he has been attending, so he has another four years of college ahead of him now, but he is not deterred by that at all.  Of course we completely support him in his decision and couldn't be happier that he loves school so much and has found something he is so passionate about. He changed his major several weeks ago, so it's official now!

I told him he HAD to get a summer fooling around...get an early start...blah, blah, blah, but there has been one distraction after another and then I finally just admitted I would rather he wait on the job for a few weeks and work on projects around the property instead. He wants a job for the money, but he is also perfectly happy to stay home and work here, so we will see what happens. He is taking a summer school class, and once school starts in the fall and he is back to a full class schedule we don't really expect him to work. We would rather he focus on his classes and getting good grades. 

Other than that he is the same mellow kid he has always been, except he really isn't a kid anymore even if I still think of him as my baby. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

More water storage

Columbus building a new platform so that we can add another 500 gallon water storage tank in anticipation of some new rain water catchment supplies that should arrive tomorrow! So excited at the idea of 1000 gallons of water storage, more showers and lots of laundry!!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Soul Food

Happy Monday Morning :) 

I love Monday... a fresh start to a fresh week and trying to do better than the week before.