Friday, August 22, 2014

I Know, I'm No Fun, But...

I don't even think it's about the charity, I think it's more about just one more opportunity to showcase yourself on Facebook. I think that it is horrible that we condone the waste of water at all, even in the name of charity. The one gallon you used for the challenge is no big deal, right?  

But estimates fromThe Washington Post and the Long Beach Post suggest that the challenge has also used between 5 and 6 million gallons of water so far. 

And that doesn't even touch on the resources used to clean the water!

5 to 6 million gallons of water wasted, for our entertainment, to raise money for a charity. Such a shame, because I bet there are people all over the world who would have loved to have had that nice clean water to drink, or take a bath in, or cook and clean with. 

I know we sure would have.