Monday, December 24, 2012

Some Christmas Chaos

Yesterday was my day to get our Christmas cooking done - I had done nothing on that front.  I just didn't see the point.  Food just doesn't last long in our house, so I would have ended up making everything twice, hence my waiting.  I got an early start while the kids started doing there chores, and then slowly as they got done they came and helped with the cooking.  It was all very Walton Family like and we had a good time.

Mid afternoon My Man headed to town to do his Christmas shopping.  A few of the kids went with him, and most importantly - he took Baby Man, which meant that I would be able to power house some cooking, and I even imagined some cleaning so that we would have a sparkly clean house for Christmas day.

Einstein and Sassy
A view from the table into our tiny, yet busy and gratefully full kitchen.

More bakers in the making, though JoJo is more of a taste tester.

In the middle of making Christmas magic.
 After My Man left I went and got online to sit and relax a minute, and then JoJo came in and begged and begged for some PBS printables that he had been asking for all week......and so to be a good mom have an excuse to sit a while longer - I started printing......
 He and The Rose had a grand time doing dot-to-dots, mazes, and cutting and pasting......and then I curled into a ball on a free part of the bed and feel asleep for bit.
The preschool aftermath.
 When I woke up I rallied the troops and we set to work finishing our cooking - there was no time for cleaning now.  We were just getting our mess cleaned up when My Man and the kids came home.  They were impressed that we got everything on the menu done and so Columbus asked what I was going to do on Christmas Eve? 

Sit and do nothing, I replied.

He just kind of looked at me like I was crazy.

Well, I still have the Christmas Hoagies to make, but other than that I thought it would be nice to kind of relax and enjoy it.  I got everything done today so that I wouldn't have to stress about it all tomorrow.

And those were probably the fatal words that jinxed me........

Today, Christmas Eve, started out exactly as planned.....when I woke up there was a slew of excited kids who reminded me that it was Christmas Eve and only one day left till Christmas!!!!!!!  I putzed around and wondered what to make for dinner.  My Man came up from his office to say Good morning and we were chatting and then it happened.......Dawsy came in hysterical that the baby goat's eye was hurt.  As I walked towards to the door to go check on the goat I told him to calm down a little and he said No!  It's eye is hanging out!!  Needless to say we all hurried out the door at that point.

We found the baby goat and sure enough - there it's red and bloody eye hung.  The baby goat was walking around and acted fine - it just didn't look so hot with her eye hanging there.  We were all a little perplexed on what exactly to do.  I went back inside and went to the computer, not sure if I should (don't laugh) look up a home remedy (but only because it is Christmas Eve and I wasn't entirely hopeful that we would even we find a vet that was open, not to mention one that we could afford), or to start Googling a vet.

So, I did the next best thing - I Googled a home remedy while I got out the phone book.  The home remedy wasn't all that helpful because what I found didn't really deal with a hanging eyeball, but rather a protruding eyeball.  The phone book mostly had vet office's that were in towns far away, so I googled for one closer and started calling.......

Most were closed, some didn't see goats, and one even referred me to some vet hospital in freaking KNOXVILLE!  Knoxville is over two hours away, and as much as I wanted to save the baby goat it didn't really seem reasonable to drive the goat (on Christmas Eve, of all days), to freaking KNOXVILLE!  Seriously - it's Christmas time and we have ten kids....we can't even afford gas money to Knoxville and back home and a vet hospital, and even if we could I'm not sure that we would do it.

Hopeless, we got out the first aid kit, put on some latex gloves and went to try putting the eyeball back in ourselves.  Now, this really isn't funny, but it is - it's like the chicken butchering fiasco all over again.  You think you're a real live homesteader and you'll deal with the shit storms as they come, and you do, but while in the middle of those storms you feel like a total and complete incompetent idiot who just isn't qualified to do anything that ever needs doing - not to mention that task at hand.

So, it's My Man, Columbus and I.  My Man hangs back because he doesn't do bloody nasty things and so it's usually Columbus and I that take on those tasks, but Columbus is backing away from the entire situation while I'm standing there holding the goat looking at him like come on - jump in here!  He can't do it, he says, he's not up for replacing the eyeball, or even holding down the goat - he wants no part of any of it, so he takes off the gloves and gives them to My Man, who holds the goat and I try to put the eyeball back in.  Now, the goat is screaming and throwing a fit, and me being me I'm afraid I'm hurting the goat so I ask My Man if he and I can change jobs - and he says YES, to my surprise.  My Man got right in there and did his best at putting that bloody eyeball back in, he even tried a couple of times, but there really was no getting the damn thing back in.

A million things have raced through my mind during all of this - what if we can't find a vet?  Even if we find a vet how will we afford it?  What if we just need to put the goat down - who will do it?  Which gun?  Who has the best aim?  I see crying kids and one of us with a shovel digging a baby goat grave on Christmas Eve and I wonder how many years it will take before they forget about it and stop bring it up.  I think of the mama goat wandering around on the mountaintop calling out for her baby goat and the heartbreak - both hers and ours.  I start to cry then, and then I hear footsteps behind me and suck it up so that I'm not adding more emotion to the situation.

I felt powerless, again.  This is one of those times as a parent when your kids sit with tears in their eyes and wait for you to fix it all, no matter how impossible it is, they want you to rally and make it all better, and the more this situation played out - the less likely the outcome seemed.

My Man was on the computer, and I don't know what he Googled, but it was a conversation about a vet who helped someones animal on a holiday, or after hours, or something else above and beyond, and he asks if I tried this mans office?  I look in the phone book - and there it is, the vet that just might help.  I call and tell his receptionist what has happened, she puts me on hold, and then she comes back and tells me to come now.

I imagine that he googled something like: compassionate vet that helps animals even when it isn't convenient, or vet who understands that animals get hurt during hours other than 9-5, M-F, or maybe he just Googled vet who gives a shit.

Einstein and I loaded up and raced down the mountaintop to the vets office.  The vet took the goat and told us to go home, but on the way home he called to say the goat was ready.  He basically cut the eye out and has left the socket to heal, along with the gash between it's eyes.  I have to give it antibiotics every three days, but other than that he said the goat should be fine.  And you want to know what else?  He only charged me for an office visit, supplies, and the medicine - NO added emergency charges!! 

We brought our baby goat home and put in her in the goat house with her mama, who she immediately went to nurse on, and it made me feel good to know that the two of them are still together.  Now we just pray that baby goat heals well and is healthy.

When I walked into the mobile I found the two five year olds entertaining themselves on our bed with a roll of toilet paper..........

I give them both extra points for actually being DRESSED!!!
 They both stopped when they saw me and G-Man said: it's JoJo who's doing it! 

And the JoJo said: Yeah, BUT it was your idea!!!!!

Bone-Man...whoever that is.

Merry Christmas Eve........I'm still hoping for the sit and do nothing part to!


  1. Merry Christmas to you and all of yours!

  2. Oh.MY.GOSH

    Sit down.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. OMG.....Bless your heart. Dealing with a goat and it's eye is very much a hard thing to deal with. I'm glad the vet only charged you for a regular visit. Do you know what happened to the baby goat. I'm hoping another critter didn't try to get the goat for food.

    Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year From My Family To Yours.

  4. Thank God for that vet! Merry Christmas and I hope you get what my youngest used to call "Mommy needs a piece of quiet."

  5. I hope everything works out for you and that you have a nice Christmas and a great new year.

  6. Oh my! What a day....praying you get the "sit and do nothing part" :) Merry Christmas to you and your tribe!

  7. WHAT is around that baby goat that is capable of kicking it so hard that its eye fell out? That's the only possibility I can come up with. And thank gawd for that vet!!

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  9. As I read about your eye situation all I could think was get out the dang scissors and cut that gross thing off. Of course I was imaganing a long dangling eyeball will just an attachment tinier than an umbilical cord. God knows why I imagined that because if I was in your situation I would probably be drive heaving at the very least. How in the heck could the goat act normal? Did it not hurt? ooh heebie jeebies And in your van Wow you had one heck of a day. Better than I would have dealt with


  10. What the hell happened to the goat? I'd be wracked with the need to figure that out so I could try to prevent it from happening again. Or to something more important.