Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Just Some Random Life Pics

Making sure the Rose doesn't cheat during a breath holding contest.
Brand spanking NEW shoes just a few days old....sigh.
Learning the hard way that you can't take a frozen can of Fix-a-flat from the frozen mobile and put it in the warm mobile to let it thaw....unless of course you want exploding fix-a-flat in your cupboards...lol...and yuck!!  It smelled awful for days!
The view OF the couch.
Baby Man hears the chainsaw and can't help but to investigate and watch.
Columbus officiating over our last giveaway.
Feral five year olds stopped long enough in their antics for a photo.
Plumbing Princess...lol.  And that is a virgin plunger....Baby Man just HAD to have it one day at Walmart...he LOVES plungers, so it's never been used, not that a person would ever plunge a humanure bucket anyway....lol!!

Blogger pictures is still not working, which obviously I found a way around...kind of...I'm not used to this way so it's kind of a mess, but there are pictures and that makes me happy.

It was freezing cold last night.  It has been raining and then the rain froze so our mountaintop looked like it was covered in a clear coat of ice....pretty amazing.  My Man went down the mountain today to get space heaters out of storage so that we don't freeze at night when the fire gets low.  Last night was terrible for me breathing in all of that cold air in...not good for getting better.  I hate to use them because they are not affordable, but when it gets this cold there just isn't much choice.  Temp at 4:30 p.m.?....35 with a windchill of 29....yikes...I hate the cold.