Saturday, January 19, 2013

Kids Playing Prepper

It's a bright and sunny day up here on the mountaintop.  After weeks of rain and/or freezing cold temperatures, and being stuck inside the house, the kids were finally able to go outside and play.  Sassy asked if she could practice making a fire with her fire starter and that was all it took for all of the kids to breakout into a full on prepper skills practice day.

Alice packs filled with gear and MRE's were dug out from under beds, fires built, and then they raided the kitchen for food to cook.
And forts hidden in the woods were worked on.
Life on a remote mountaintop filled with lots of brothers and sisters is a beautiful thing......
The future site of the little peoples play area.  They received a swing set and playhouse for Christmas.  We still need to concrete in the swing set and the frame you see is for the playhouse to sit on.  The six and under crowd have dreams of a mini-village built just for them and their escape on warm summer days.


  1. There is no better time, as a kid, than playing in the woods. Digging, climbing, exploring, it's the best.

    And I hope you are feeling much better and that you still have both your lungs (didn't cough one up.)

  2. Sounds like fun times. I loved being in the woods, my parents building fires & digging in the dirt as a child. Wish it could have lasted longer!

  3. It sure beats video games and rap music!

  4. what a fun day you all had. Can't wait to see the play village when it is finished.

    My 2 love camping, playing in the woods, and digging in the dirt. Oh I am jealous of their carefree ways and the simple little things that make them happy.

  5. That reminds me of the days my four brothers and sisters and I spent in the yard, playing. We went into the woods and just made our own fun. We did not get a tv until I wa 14, and I felt on the outside amongst peers during discussions of what was on tv. Not having a tv was he best thing that ever happened to me. Daddy said it was making such a racket that he could not read. Well, they reared four readers. Your children are so lucky!

    I also felt sad because we did not have a swing set, just a ropes and a board on a tree limb.

    Now, if my mother had just had five more children....

  6. It sounds like a day filled with fun for everyone.