Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pictureless Wednesday

It's a slow grey and rainy day up here on the mountaintop.  Reminds me of Oregon.  Rain and grey that lasted for weeks on end are one of the things about Oregon that I don't miss.  At least there was no mud there.  We had blacktop roads and cement sidewalks.  The ground here is barely dried from our last rain and so it is especially muddy today.  Slick and dangerous, but warm enough that at least I don't have to risk falling in it to go fill the wood stove. 

Off in the kitchen I can hear a stampede of the six and under crowd playing a made up game that involves tossing fresh oranges and corrupting the one and a half year old in the wicked ways of naked five year olds.  He watches them and I can see the wheels spinning in his head as though he is taking notes on what works and what doesn't.  How far something can be taken before its gone too far. 

I should stop them, from tossing the oranges, but there are only minutes left until lunch is over and science and history start.  Besides, the oranges will be juiced, or eaten by them, anyway.  Maybe naked five year olds prefer bruised fruit? 

The house smells of baked chicken and turkey breast made for lunches, and a mammoth lasagna that awaits its turn in the oven for dinner.  The lasagna is our traditional Halloween lasagna that never got made back in October, but that I've heard about for the last three months.  They forget that October was busy and I never knew they cared about the lasagna so much at all.  I should have got some pumpkins for them to carve tonight after dinner so that they got the whole tradition...I would have if I would have thought of it.  That would have made them laugh if nothing else.

I laughed at myself the other night when we were in Tractor Supply and I saw that they had started displaying seeds and Burpee starting sets.  Instead of scoffing at the early push for a new season like I do with the push for the next holiday - I went looking for more signs of spring.  Just seeing seeds made me smell fresh dirt and feel the warmth of the sun on my bare arms. 

Blogger wouldn't let me post pictures yesterday and so I thought that for sure they would have the problem fixed today, but nope.  I had another post in mind, but without pictures it wouldn't work, so this is my pictureless Wednesday ramblings post:)