Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Random Pictures From Christmas & Life

The Rose awaiting a Christmas surprise.

Coins, coins, coins....Einstein inventorying his collection
into new computer software.

My talented Columbus made me a goat milk stand for Christmas - and he did it
without me knowing!

The "one-eyed goat" she is recovering well so far, other than she walks
with her head tilted to the side a little.

Since My Man took the blower off the furnace to fix the wood stove I figured we no longer needed the furnace.  Columbus removed the furnace for me.

Look at all of that space!

New shelves where the furnace used to be.  Columbus did the shelves and My Man put in an outlet so that we have a safe (from little people) place to charge electronics.

A five year old working his blue-eyed magic on me.

The road in front of our house is getting really bad.  My Man has been calling the owner for months now trying to get them to come fix it.

I finally took pictures to send certified mail to try and motivate them, but I didn't even have to send them - they called the next day to say they are going to fix lets just hope that they do it quickly!

Boys taking a day off from work.

A Goodwill find - $1.99 for the set, but what is wonderful is that they are huge so we won't have to refill them every week, not to mention that they remind me of my favorite Aunt.

I'm so in love with my new measuring cup that My Man got me for our anniversary.  The measurements are nice and big - so I can read them, and it measures cups, ounces, tea & tablespoons, ML/CCM, and pints!!!

Baby Man helping his daddy after they traded


  1. I was just showing my husband your anniversary present and he said "It beats what I got you!" If I ever find one like that, it will be mine too!

    1. I seriously L.O.V.E. that thing!! I hate to say it, because it makes me sound geriatric, but I love it because I can easily READ it! Anyway, try your TJ Maxx. I would pick you one up, but this was the last one our store had...and it was only $3.99 :)

  2. Our driveway up to the house looks worse that that. Seventy five yards and will cost around $1,200 to get it regraded and rocked laid down. Project for this new year.

  3. Love the goat milking stand. He did a good job:)

  4. Great photos! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Love reading about your "adventures"!!!! I had the same pair of salt/pepper shakers growing up....great memory!!! The last picture of the chainsaws is adorable. :)

  6. I love the chainsaw picture! That road could cost you in car repairs. Surely, he will come fix it. Liking the measuring cup did not sound geriatric. Well, don't take the word of a geriatric person. If I had one eye out, I would walk holding my head funny too. It must be wondering where the rest of the world went. I thought I had lost an eye as I was getting into bed on Christmas Eve/Day and thought of your goat.