Thursday, January 17, 2013

Well, Hello There, New BFF

There's not much to do while sick, except attempt to buffer out as much of the visual and auditory over-stimulation that two feral five year olds create while I sit on the couch and supposedly rest.  Or, first thing after waking, try to formulate coherent and fair resolutions for older kids who approach me with problems developed while I slept in and they navigated their morning parentless.  Other than those mental olympics, I've mainly sat around, or sat around and played online.  I posted more on facebook today alone than I have in the last three months combined. 

We were gifted an iPod touch and I've spent a considerable amount of time figuring it and all of its new wonderfulness out.  It seems that there is an entire world that we’ve been missing out on, and suddenly the doors to that world have swung wide and open. I’ve fought modern technology for years now, seeing it as a limited and brain killing device that does little more than waste time and close human beings off from one another. And now, and with embarrassment for my past scorn, I realize how very, very wrong I was.

Suddenly, there is a community of people, ideas, music, and educational material right at our fingertips. It feels like we just discovered the internet for the first time, and maybe everything that is on this little iPod is on the internet already, but I never knew it before. I’ve struggled my way through the internet for years, barely able to navigate my way through the most basic of tasks and so very impressed when I am actually capable of accomplishing one of them.
Maybe it’s because I’ve been sick and so I’ve had nothing else to do but sit and play with this little gadget, and so for once I spent some time learning what all is out in this new world that I have avoided for so long, but whatever it is....I'm kind of like a school girl in love for the first time.

Interactive and engaging sight words for the kids…check.  Math flashcards….check.  Foreign language practice…check. Coin collecting....check.  Astronomy charts...check.  Instagram….just discovered it and I am so in love.  Micro photo blogging…..oh, my! 

A simple search of “off-grid” and there are gritty pictures of real people’s ideas, and trials and errors, come to life in the palm of my hand. I feel like I've not only connected - I've found my own people.  This isn't the high gloss world of expensive urban homesteading based on buying new products.  These are regular Joe's who made the faithful and blind jump into an alternative existence and are sharing their journey. 

With the touch of a button our world is now limitless and filled with inspiring newness.  This little gadget is like a time machine that has transported me back over the last year of real life and re-awakened all of the newbie passions that I had before we moved up here to our mountaintopIt has made me so entirely aware that the mountaintop is my playground and it's time to start playing.  I can now hardly wait for spring to come and the starting of new projects.


  1. Wait until you discover podcast - now you can listen to other homesteaders and like you said -learn through some of their mistakes. Might i suggest TSP with Jack Spirko when you do find podcasting. I think you will really enjoy it.
    Syncing with Itunes on your computer is the best way in my opinion.

  2. So glad you found the rest of us :) There is lots out there to learn!

  3. What a wonderful way to expand your world. Amazing that you only found it when limited to stay in one place for so long! Good for you.

  4. Try for some fun. You can teach about Jackson Pollock while you look and use the site to make "art." You enter through the arrow or through the blue letters further down. Art students in middle school love this, but it is appropriate for all ages, even adults.

  5. We've been out there years :o)...Glad you finally found a few of us...So much to read when you begin looking...a google search will yield more results of blogs and webpages than you can read in months!

  6. This is all a foreign language to me, but good for you. I get a kick out of watching people flip around those things to show me stuff.