Thursday, April 25, 2013

*~* Happy Day *~* Three Pictures is All We Get (and a bee update)

My computer so graciously let me have three pictures tonight before the rest of them went POOF into a far off magical place that evades me.  I suppose that I will need to sit down and figure out what the issue is, but I am rather sure that it will take me hours and frustrate me to no end, so I avoid doing it.  If I took the time to do something like that I would start with reporting the grades of nine children or tackling the now overdue quarterly business taxes, but enough of all of that.....
We had a Happy Day (birthday) up here on the mountaintop last Sunday.  Our Dawsy hit the double digits and turned ten.  Generally speaking you get whatever you want for dinner on your birthday, but this seafood loving child asked for.......lobster.  Can you even believe that?  He's ten for crying out loud and asking for lobster.  I had to tell him no, which I hated to do and I must admit that part of not wanting to tell him no is that I myself would have loved a juicy tail smothered in butter, but so would have a whole bunch of other people up here on the mountaintop and that's just not affordable.  So, I steered him in the direction of sushi and clams in white sauce over pasta.  He was happy - our wallet was happy.
We made him an ice cream sandwich cake.  Holy cow was that thing rich, not to mention good.  Making the cake was a team effort that involved a lot of finger licking :)

Baby Man assumed his usual position atop the table and helped me roll the sushi.

The feast that took place.

Of course there is more, but I can't show you thanks to disappearing pictures:(  Suffice it to say there we a lot of smiles and laughs and he had a great birthday.

Wait!  My Man just came home from his office and so I was complaining to him about the pictures and he told me to try again so that he could see the problem and I got more!  Mind you, I had to add them, but I got more.........and then they stopped working again.

The Birthday Boy

Columbus and Einstein have started on a new chicken coop.

I went and checked on my bees after having them for one week - this was my first check-in with them.

A frame full of bees.  This is the frame that I rubber banded the queen cage onto - you can see the cage in the middle of the frame under the bees.  Both queens were released from their cages, as they should be.  I was able to find the queen of one hive but not the other, which doesn't mean she isn't there.  It just means that I didn't see her among the thousands of bees in the hive.

What the hive looked like after I smoked it and took the lid off.  The bees were buzzing like crazy and honestly, I was a little surprised that they were still so active after being smoked.  I'm not sure if I didn't smoke them enough or what, but I expected them to be more dazed than they were.
I am adding more smoke here.  Before I went out to check on the bees I read one of my bee books to recap what I should be doing.....Columbus took great joy in making fun of me and telling me he thought I already knew what I was doing and asking me if I should really need to be reading the book since I'd already read it and taken two classes.
The book said to go gloveless - that
gloves are bulking and get it in the way....obviously I didn't listen to that part and boy was I glad that I didn't!!  I could feel the vibration of the bees flapping wings on my hand!!  It was an odd feeling and a little bit scary.  I kept waiting for one of them to sting me through the gloves but none of them did.

 Elsinore the dog was brave enough to come in with me.
Here is an empty queen cage and an imperfection in the comb that I took off of one of the frames.  The comb had some honey in it but I couldn't taste any with my gloves on and my face net zipped to my bee suit, so I (thought rather firmly) instructed people to save me some......but was all gone by the time I got out :(


  1. I once had a "nice" hive that I could work in a t-shirt and no gloves or veil. It sat beside my "mean" hive that would sting at the slightest provocation. As a result. I usually suited up, even to work the nice hive, since some of those mean little suckers from next door would sometimes try to get me!

    1. I really hope that both of my hives turn out to be nice!! I've heard stories about those mean hives and they sound scary :(

  2. A Happy Birthday (late) to Dawsy! Ten is a very good year. I had to laugh about the lobster.

    1. Thanks :) I was a little surprised about the lobster too.....though he really does love his seafood and he got that from me so I understand it, but lobster.....really!?

  3. How do you make an ice cream sandwich cake? It sounded like a good birthday with lots of good food, despite no lobster. Well, Dawsy was working it anyway!

    For a long time I was confused about were Baby Man was. Nothing seemed right in pictures, then I realized he was on the table. I kept wondering why the older children were on the floor. But, I have cataracts ready to be removed. So, I just think I can see correctly.

    I am with you on wearing gloves near the hive. I wear huge gloves like yours because they are tough. I see women's gloves at Lowe's, more flexible and sort of form fitting to hands. I wonder if those would work for being able to handle things and still not getting stung. ??? I get anxious everytime I see you at the hive since I want bees, too.

    1. The link is in the post. It was r.i.c.h.!! But soooo good, like crazy good.

      lol....he is ALWAYS up on that table. From the day we moved in here he was on the table. It drives us nuts but it's cute too and it's his way of being involved (or OVER involved) in EVERYTHING.

      I like the gloves I have and I would worry that thinner ones wouldn't be thick enough to not get stung. I really, really HATE bee stings. I know that I will get stung but I'm trying to put it off for as long as I

    2. I miss lots of links because of my vision! I am with you on thick gloves. I did not even see they were high on your arm. I hate having to try twice as hard to see everything! It is embarrassing to miss the obvious.

  4. M,

    Happy Birthday Dawsy!!! OMG lobster at this age, the boy sure knows what he wants. Thank God Mom sat him down and came up with a new dinner plan, this could have been real expensive.

    To funny about your honey harvest, everyone eatting and leaving you any. Next harvest, you need to keep it close to you.

    1. I know....lobster for 12 wouldn't be cheap. We had it a couple of years ago and one of the feral five years olds LOVED it - he just scarfed down his AND most of mine and still wanted It's good for them to have it and enjoy it and at least know what it tastes like, but it's not something that we can have very often.

      I was kind of miffed about the honey...I was pretty clear I wanted to taste some, but I think that you're right - next time it will stay in the fence with me until I come out and stand a fighting chance to get my finger dipped in too!!!!

  5. Happy Birthday to Dawson! I am going to have to try that ice cream sandwich cake sometime--it would surely be hit around this bunch. And you are a brave woman with those bees. I love bees and having them around the garden but that is just a few too many too close up for comfort.

  6. thought I would leave a comment so you would know I been by to visit. Happy Birthday little dude! the rat

  7. Your birthday parties look so fun. My grand daughter Kansas is turning 10 this Tuesday and we're having her party tomorrow. 10 is such a good age to be. I love seafood too.

    I have had my bees about a month now. I was told to wait til around the 1st of May to put on another frame box. But the bees look like they might need it to be on sooner. I am going to do it tomorrow I think. My bees are nice so far. I can stand so close to the hive and talk to them. But my friend got a mean hive of bees. Really mean. I love my bees.

  8. your bookshelves look really organized :)