Sunday, November 17, 2013

Life in Pictures

Visiting with Finn on Monday. 

It's been awhile since we got pictures of either of us with Finn, so we decided to take some.  Silly in some ways, I know, but sadly this is as close as I've been to him in weeks now. 

Leaving the mountain on Tuesday.....light snow had fallen that morning. 

All unpacked and ready for the week at the RMD House. 

Finn on Tuesday. The mark on his forehead is from a failed IV attempt. This is the most alert he woud be all week....the last time that I saw him open his eyes. He's been so sedated and tired since this day that he seems to hardly notice I am even there. 

Baking fairies came to the RMD house......a little girls dream :)

Cleo getting her nails done. 

A facial for Sassy. 

And a facial for Cleo. 

I found some super sized flannel blankets at Goodwill for $1.99. You can see how small most flannel blankets are in this picture. The big ones are perfect for Finn's mattress. He mostly uses blankets and clothes (when he can wear them) from home now and the nurses save his dirty laundry for me to wash so that it doesn't get lost in the hospital. I love to have something to do for Finn. I never fold his stuff before I take it back to him, I always sit and talk to him while I fold it in his room. It is a special time to me....something about it just feels normal and motherly. 

Finn on Wednesday. 

Waiting for the movie to start at the dollar theatre with her new Build a Bear compliments of the RMD House. Sometimes business, people and organizations just drop stuff off for families staying there, there was a whole box of bears one day. 

Finn on Friday. 

Several of these pictures were posted on Facebook earlier this week - I've been using it more during the week when things are busy and I don't have time to do a whole blog post. If you want to find me there just search for Mystic Mud, or click here.